BitWise Personal vs. Professional FAQ

Q: What are the differences between BitWise Personal and Professional?

A: Both BitWise Personal and Professional offer many of the same great features such as text messaging, file sharing, whiteboard, voice chat and more. However, BitWise Professional lets you do more. BitWise Professional...

  1. gives you a private IM Network where you have complete administrative control over the Network's users.
  2. enables stronger encryption, up to 448-bit Blowfish with a 2048-bit key exchange; BitWise Personal is limited to 128-bit Blowfish encryption with a 512-bit key exchange.
  3. offers unlimited personal, priority technical support. Personal users receive support using our community-based forums.
  4. provides additional Web Services that provide a user directory, an online user list, advanced web messaging, and more.
  5. allows you to send mass messages (to multiple users at once), both from within the client and using Web Services.
  6. provides public access web signup that lets your employees, customers, contractors, etc. sign up directly into your Professional Network, complete with a predefined contact list and customized security settings.
  7. provides a whiteboard refresh/resync that allows you to update your whiteboard when joining an existing conference, or rejoining a conversation.
  8. has a VPN Connection Mode that allows connections to be made inside your VPN even between locations with different Internet IP addresses. See the Dual-IP white paper for additional information about Dual-IP and how the VPN setting modifies the standard Dual-IP behavior.
  9. makes the BitWise Routing Server more powerful with additional relay capability to Professional users allowing you to block connections to BitWise Personal while still allowing Professional connections.

Lastly, BitWise Personal cannot be used for non-personal activities. Using BitWise Personal for business or non-personal purposes is a violation of the license agreement, and you risk losing your access to BitWise without warning.

Q: Is there a demo version that I can try?

A: You can sign up and enjoy full, unlimited access to BitWise Professional for 30 days as a trial / demo / evaluation. You do not need to provide any payment information and you owe nothing before 30 days.

Q: I want to see if BitWise Professional will work before I purchase, can I use BitWise Personal to test it with just a few users?

A: Doing so would not give you the full BitWise Professional experience, and if you decide that you want to purchase Professional, you would have to set up your users again. Let us give you the Professional experience risk-free for 30 days so that you can fully evaluate the service you will be receiving. Lastly, as stated above, using BitWise Personal for non-personal activities is a violation of the license agreement.

Q: If I have a name for myself in BitWise Personal, and I want to move to BitWise Professional, do I have to download the program again and create a new name?

A: Personal and Professional users use the same program; the program detects when you log in using Professional and automatically provides access to the Professional features (such as mass messaging). You would, however, need to create a separate Professional username aside from your Personal username.

Q: Will I receive future client upgrades for free?

A: Absolutely. Future versions of the software will be downloadable at no charge from our web site.

If you would like to know more about the services offered by BitWise, contact us and we will answer any questions that you have right away.

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